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Users and Sites for Cloud Voice

When we set up your Cloud Voice, we'll create one or more sites.

These generally represent the physical location of the business premises where you'll be using the service (so you might have, say, a Sheffield site and a Leeds site; or you might have a Sheffield Main site and a Sheffield Shop site – it depends how you've organised your business).

How we use Sites
We’ll allocate the phone numbers for your Cloud Voice service to each Site. You must associate every one of your Users with a Site; you'll then give each User one of the numbers that we've allocated to their particular Site.

We'll also keep a record of the full address of each of your Sites for the emergency services (this is so they know immediately where to go if someone calls 999).

Changes to Sites
If you want to add more Sites or numbers, just let us know. And if you move address, please tell us as soon as you can so that we can update our records for the emergency services.

What is a User
A User is generally a person within your business but could be a phone that doesn't really belong to anyone (maybe you have a phone in reception that's for general use by anyone).

Everyone in your business (who needs to be able to make and receive calls) must be set-up as a User on the service and given their own account and licence. Of course, to actually make and receive calls, the User needs a phone, which the administrator must register to the User's account.

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