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Go TAPI and how to set it up for Cloud Voice | BT Business
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Go TAPI and how to set it up for Cloud Voice

What is TAPI and who uses it?

TAPI is a Microsoft Windows API and stands for Telephony Application Program Interface. TAPI is most frequently used by business applications and CRM systems so that they can use telephony features.

What is Go TAPI?

Go TAPI is an optional feature of BT Cloud Voice. You can choose to download the Go TAPI software to your computer and it will allow you to:

  • Use a computer to link Cloud Voice to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and pass call information to it.
  • Use a computer to make and receive calls.

How do I set up and use Go TAPI?

To find out how to download Go TAPI and set it up on your PC, take a look at our Go TAPI user guide today.

Please note that you or your CRM provider will need to integrate Go TAPI with your CRM system – BT is not responsible for this.

BT Cloud Voice user guide for Go TAPI (PDF, 296K)

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