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Cloud Voice Calling Line ID and Anonymous Call Rejection

This BT Cloud Voice feature allows you to view the calling line ID information of another user on a different site (External) or someone on the same site (Internal).

How do I set up Calling Line ID display?

  1. Sign in to the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal
  2. Select ‘Employees’
  3. Select ‘Features
    • To control calling line ID display on External calls
      Select ‘Call Control’ and scroll down to External Calling Line ID Delivery
    • To control calling line ID display on Internal calls
      Select ‘Call Control’ and scroll down to Internal Calling Line ID Delivery
  4. Move the slider switch to toggle the setting On or Off


Blocking your Calling Line ID

You can block your Calling Line Identity (CLI) for all external calls or for individual external calls. People within your site will still be able to see your CLI.
Please see the PDF to find out how -

Calling Line ID blocking (PDF, 267K)

Anonymous Call Rejection

If you prefer not to receive calls from people that have blocked their phone number (their Calling Line Identity), then Anonymous Call Rejection will be right up your street.
Please see the PDF to learn how to set this up -

Anonymous Call Rejection (PDF, 343K)


Note: You may need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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