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Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection is a BT calling feature that blocks incoming calls from callers who’ve withheld their telephone number.

It's available on single lines (not including ISDN or payphone lines) and you can order it by contacting us. To find out more about our premium calling features, go to our sales pages.

To switch Anonymous Call Rejection on:

  1. press *
  2. enter 227
  3. press the # key.

To check it's on:

  1. press # while holding down *
  2. enter 227
  3. press #

To switch it off:

  1. press #
  2. press 227
  3. press #

Fixing issues with Anonymous Call Rejection

If you're having problems with your Anonymous Call Rejection feature there are a few things you can do:

  • Are you sure that your order is complete? To check or place an order for Anonymous Call Rejection, click the "Contact us" button on this page and give us a call.
  • Make sure that the telephone is set to tone dialling (there's usually a switch at the back or underneath the phone). If the telephone doesn't have tone dialling or it's already set to tone dialling but Anonymous Call Rejection is still not working, try using another tone dialling telephone.
  • If Anonymous Call Rejection is letting some calls through dial 1471. If you hear the message "We do not have the caller's number to return the call", this means that, for technical reasons, the number of the caller was unavailable and the number was not deliberately withheld. Therefore, Anonymous Call Rejection will not block the call. This call might have originated from another network in this country or abroad.
  • If Anonymous Call Rejection still isn’t working after these checks, contact us. We'll check your service and sort out any problems.

What happens if a caller withholds their number when they call a customer with Anonymous Call Rejection?

A recorded announcement notifies the caller that the person they are calling is not accepting anonymous calls. The caller should redial without withholding their number.

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