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Choose different ringtones for different Cloud Voice calls

Distinctive and priority ring lets you set your phone to ring with a different ring for certain numbers so you easily tell where a call's coming from. You can do this for up to 12 numbers.

Distinctive and priority ring (PDF, 340 KB)

Sequential ringing is a nifty way to make sure you don't miss important calls. You can set up Cloud Voice so that if you can't answer a call on your main phone the call will then try ringing another phone. Again, you can do this for up to 12 numbers.

Sequential ringing (PDF, 378 KB)

Simultaneous ringing lets you set up to 10 phone numbers to ring at the same time that your main phone rings whenever you get a call. Calls have to match a set of criteria that you set before they set off a simultaneous ring: a list of up to 10 numbers, a time or holiday schedule, and day of week and time of day.

Simultaneous ringing (PDF, 400 KB)

Alternative numbers - labelled 'Alternate numbers' in Cloud Voice - you can specify up to 10 alternative numbers that will ring if you don't answer your main phone. If you make an outgoing call from one of your alternative numbers your Calling Line Identity (CLI) will always show as that of your main phone number.

Alternative numbers (PDF, 400 KB)


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