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Ring Back Instructions

Ring Back calls to let you know when an engaged number becomes free. Your phone rings back automatically when the required called number is free so you don't waste time re dialling. Ring Back will continue to try the engaged number for up to a maximum of 45 minutes.

To set up

  1. Press '5'.
  2. On hearing an engaged tone, wait for the confirmation message then replace the handset.

To answer a ring back

  1. Listen out for the special ring
  2. Pick up the handset and instigate the call.

To check it's on

  1. Press '#' key while depressing '*' key.
  2. Enter '37'.
  3. Press '#' key.

To cancel

  1. Press '#' key.
  2. Enter '37'.
  3. Press '#' key.


Ring Back is not available for calls to ISDN lines, international destinations and some multi-line switchboards.

Further information

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For information on the complete range of calling features, please view the

Calling Features user guide (PDF 91KB)


Note: You may need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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