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Using Cloud Voice Express on your mobile

The app lets you make and take calls with your Cloud Voice Express business number, using your mobile device. This guide shows you how to easily activate and select numbers on the app and use its key features.

How to activate your service 

Once you’ve ordered Cloud Voice Express, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play or scan the QR code to download directly. Or text CVEapp to 81192.

Cloud Voice Express app QR code
Download the Cloud Voice Express app from the Apple App Store
Download the Cloud Voice Express app from the Google Play Store


We’ll email you with the date your service will be ready. You'll also see this in the app when you log in using your My Account details. 

If you’re using a new number, we’ll activate the service and number for you.  

If you’re using an existing number, you might need to activate the service yourself, so the number gets transferred from your existing service. 

To use or activate your service, follow the instructions for plugging in and connecting your new digital phone.

Start using your new digital phone service

  1. Open the Cloud Voice Express app.
  2. Log in with your BT Business login details. (You’ll find these in your order confirmation email).
  3. Follow the steps to set up your permissions.
  4. Select Settings to set up key features.
    Or select Get started to make and take calls right away. 

Your service must be active before you can use the app on your mobile phone.

Choose a number to use when you have more than one number

If you transferred more than one phone number when you ordered Cloud Voice Express, we’ll ask you to choose which number you’d like to use.

On the Cloud Voice Express app, we’ll show the number you currently use to make and take calls.

If you’d like to change this number, simply open the drop-down and choose the number you’d like to use instead. When you’re happy, tap Select.

You can also switch between numbers while using the app. Just select the pencil next to the number at the top of the screen.

Emergency calls from the Cloud Voice Express app

We recommend you use your mobile's keypad to make 999 or 112 calls, instead of the Cloud Voice Express app.

If you call the emergency services from the app, you'll need to select the green ‘call’ key twice – once in the app, and again when the app opens your mobile’s keypad.

Features of the Cloud Voice Express app 

The app can help you with everything from diverting calls to voicemail transcripts. Find out how to use some of its key features and you’ll find more features on the Settings page.

Divert calls with the Cloud Voice Express app

Call divert helps you stop missing calls – when you’re busy on a call yourself, or away from your mobile device. 

  • Go to Settings and the Call divert .
  • Switch on Enable call divert and select Call divert setup.

Then choose: 

  • How many phone rings before calls get diverted. 
  • Whether to divert to voicemail, a phone number or a colleague’s name. 

An icon on your Recents page shows you if Call divert is on.  

Select the icon to go to Settings and switch it off. 

Call divert location schedule

Want to temporarily change where calls get diverted to? 

For example, divert to one number during the week. And another at the weekend.  

Or divert to a colleague’s number, and to voicemail while they’re at lunch. another long lunch. 

  • Go to Settings and the Call divert.
  • Select Call divert location schedule
  • Switch Call divert location schedule.
  • Set a start and end time.  
  • Then choose where you want to divert calls during that time. 

Use Do not disturb

Need some uninterrupted concentration time when you’re at work? Or uninterrupted down time when you’re not?  

Then use Do not disturb. Incoming calls will be muted and sent to voicemail. Message alerts will be muted too. (Although if you have a desk phone with the same number, that'll still ring.) 

  • Go to Settings and the Call features.
  • Switch on Do not disturb.

An icon on your Recents page shows you if it’s on.  

Select the icon to go to Settings and switch it off. 

Block incoming calls

Rather not hear from someone? You can easily block numbers from your contacts and recent calls lists. 

You can also opt into BT’s Blocklist: numbers we’ve identified as belonging to nuisance callers. 

To block a number from your contacts list

  • Go to Contacts
  • Select the contact you want to block. 
  • Select Edit and switch Block contact on.
  • We’ll ask you if you’re sure. Confirm by selecting Block

To block a number from your recent calls list 

  • Go to your Recents calls list. 
  • Select the number you want to block. 
  • Switch Block number.
  • We’ll ask you if you’re sure. Confirm by selecting Block

To block numbers from BT’s Blocklist

  • Go to Settings and the Call features
  • Switch on Block nuisance calls

This'll block all numbers on the BT Blocklist. 

Set up voicemail transcripts

Want to get text versions of your voicemails? Handy when you’re in a meeting, or on a loud, busy street. And as you can read them, they’re easy to scan through.  

  • Go to Settings and the Voicemail feature.
  • Switch on Voicemail transcript

Now when you select someone’s voicemail, you’ll see a transcript of it too. 

Send us an error log file

If you’re experiencing a fault, we might ask you to send us an error log file. 

  • Go to Settings and Other
  • Select Share log file.
  • The log file will appear. 
  • Send it to the email address we gave you when you contacted us. 
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