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Set up your Cloud Voice Express cordless phone | BT Business
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What do you need help with?

What do you need help with?

Set up your Cloud Voice Express cordless phone (Yealink W73/W53/W60)

You can easily set up your Cloud Voice Express phone. Either watch this short video or follow the three simple steps below it.

1. Set up your new BT Business Smart Hub

  • Follow our guide online or use the instructions that came with your Smart Hub.
  • When it's ready, the Smart Hub will light up blue.
Blue light on BT Business Smart Hub

2. Plug in your new Cloud Voice Express base station

  • Plug the black Ethernet cable on the base station into a yellow port on the back of your Smart Hub.
  • Plug in the base stations power adapter and it’ll switch on automatically.
Smart Hub connected via ethernet cable with base station

3. Switch on your new Cloud Voice Express phone

  • Put the batteries into your phone and switch it on.
  • Plug in the charger cradle where you want to keep the phone.

Got more than one phone? Here’s how to set up additional handsets.

Cloud Voice Express phone and a charger

If your cordless phone won’t connect, try our extra steps below.

1. Confirm your phone has a number

  • On your handset, press the red “end-call” phone button followed by the Line button.
  • If No Matched Line is displayed then you need to assign a number to your phone.

2. Assign a number to your phone

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Select Manage Cloud Voice Express, go to the number you’re setting up, and select Settings.
  • Select Assign device to see all of the available devices.
  • Choose the device that needs the number, and press Confirm.
  • Your base station will restart and the number will be assigned to the named handset.

If your Cloud Voice Express still isn’t set up, you’ll need to contact us.

More ways to get the most from Cloud Voice Express

Find out about the features and benefits and how to manage Cloud Voice Express in your online account.

BT apps put you in control of Cloud Voice Express. Manage your account on your phone and download the Cloud Voice Express app to make and take landline calls on your mobile. Get the BT apps.

You can also download the DECT phone user guide (PDF: 2.1MB) for more help.

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