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Troubleshooting Search Marketing (PPC) | BT Business

Troubleshooting Search Marketing (PPC)

Troubleshoot and fix problems:

Why does the amount coming out of my direct debit not tally up with my budget?

As this is a business to business service VAT is added on top of the budget as standard practice.

Why does the budget indicated in the Search Marketing portal differ from the budget I agreed with my sales rep?

The budget is made up of several components as follows:

  • AdWords Budget - the budget inserted directly into Google to be spent on Clicks
  • Management Fee - the fee associated with the build and ongoing management of the campaign by Google Qualified Professionals

What happens if we don't spend all the budget?

At the end of your billing period, we'll roll over any under spend into the following period to boost your click budget, thus reducing the need to amend our invoicing processes.

What happens if a competitor clicks on my ad repeatedly in order to use up my budget?

Google is able to pick up fraudulent clicks originating from 1 IP address. These clicks would be removed from your reports and billing at source.

Why are my ads showing for a keyword that isn't in my campaign?

There are four different keyword matching options determining when an ad will be displayed. The 'match type' will either return your ad to a general query for your products and services, or more specifically, when the exact keyword(s) are searched for.

In the first case, you'll enjoy more ad impressions; with the second, you'll get fewer impressions but potentially more targeted clicks. By applying the appropriate matching options to your keywords, we can best meet your return on investment goals. When your ad is showing on a keyword that isn't in your campaign, it is matching using either 'broad' or 'phrase' match.

  • Broad match this is the default option. If your ad group contained the keyword tennis shoes, your ad would be eligible to appear when a user's search query contained tennis and shoes, in any order, and possibly along with other terms. Your ads could also show for singular/plural forms, synonyms, and other relevant variations. For example, your ad might show on 'tennis shoe' or 'tennis footwear'.
  • Phrase match if you enter a keyword such as 'tennis shoes', your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches on the phrase 'tennis shoes', in this order, and possibly with other terms before or after the phrase. For example, your ad could appear for the query 'red tennis shoes' but not for 'shoes for tennis', 'tennis shoe', or 'tennis footwear'. Phrase match is more targeted than broad match, but more flexible than exact match.

Why can't I see my ads?

There could be a number of reasons why your Google ads are not appearing:

  • Your daily budget has been reached
  • Your keyword bids are too low for your ads to appear on the first search results page
  • Your budget does not allow for your ads to appear on the first search results page
  • The keyword that you are searching for is not in your campaign
  • The ads are shown on rotation throughout the day and as such will not necessarily appear every time a keyword is searched on. However the greater the budget the more frequently your ads are likely to appear

Why do I have a misspelt keyword in my account?

Users often mistype the terms they are searching for. Using typos in your search marketing campaign is one of the most overlooked and effective methods of catching your target audience, so we will use these wherever we think it will help bring you extra visitors. Here are three reasons why typos are worth incorporating:

  • Misspelling is a very common occurrence and these typos can drive large volumes of traffic.
  • There are many possible typos that could be entered in to a search, so using the commonest of these can bring you traffic at a cheaper rate.
  • The cost per click for misspelt keywords is usually far cheaper as the prices will be less populated and therefore less competitive.

The position of your ad on Google varies per keyword and is determined by a keyword's cost-per-click (CPC) and quality score. This is relative to other advertisers using the same or similar keywords. Therefore, as you and other advertisers change CPCs, or experience a drop or increase in quality score, the positions of your ads will also change.

Why have the keywords I have suggested not been used in the campaign?

When adding keywords to a campaign they are first checked against a Search Query Report. The reason for doing so is to check that the keyword is being used in Google as a search query. Adding a keyword which has no search volume would not add any benefit to the campaign and would take up some of the available budget.

If in any doubt please ask for a full list of your keywords.

How can I cancel my campaign?

Normally you will have signed a minimum contractual agreement. You will be eligible to cancel the campaign by contacting us in writing 30 days ahead of the end date.

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