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How to make a complaint about BT Business | BT Business

How to make a complaint about BT Business

If you have a complaint about anything to do with BT Business, we'd like to hear from you.

What's your complaint about?

Your complaint could be about anything related to BT Business: one of the products you've purchased from us, one of our services, our contact centres, or even this website. As long as it's about BT Business we'll take care of it for you.

  • If your complaint is about your residential account then you're best off going directly to BT At home.
  • If you want to complain about BT equipment outside of your premises like poles, cables, or you'd like to comment on Openreach engineers, please go to Openreach complaints.
  • But if you're not sure, just ask us and if it's not a complaint we can deal with, we'll put you in touch with someone who can.

How to complain to us

In BT Business all of our agents are trained in dealing with complaints and in resolving them as quickly as possible.

This is how you complain to us:

  1. Go to our complaints page.
  2. Choose the product or service you want to complain about.
  3. Under 'Contact us about…' select the product or service you're contacting us about.
  4. Now you can choose your preferred option to get in touch.

If you are not happy with how the agent is handling your complaint, please ask to speak to their manager.

If you're asking about compensation or a good will payment please make sure the fault is completely resolved before contacting us. You can also see our Customer Service Compensation Scheme for information on making a claim for delays.

You could also take a look at our Customer Complaints Code.

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