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How do I divert calls on Cloud Voice Express? | BT Business

How do I divert calls on Cloud Voice Express?

If your business is closing over the bank holiday, you can divert your calls with Cloud Voice Express through My Account or the Cloud Voice Express app, just use the instructions below.

With Cloud Voice Express you can send calls to voicemail or divert them to someone else if you can’t answer or don’t want to be disturbed. Our videos and simple steps show you how.

Divert calls using My Account

  1. Log in to My Account 
  2. Scroll down to Manage my services
  3. Select Manage Cloud Voice Express 
  4. Select Settings to manage the calling features for each number
  5. In the Call divert section, select Manage
  6. Choose when you want your calls to be diverted (such as after a certain number of rings)
  7. Choose where you want your calls to divert to (voicemail or a different number)
  8. If you don’t select anything, you won’t divert any Cloud Voice Express calls

Divert calls using the Cloud Voice Express app

Here’s how to divert calls using the Cloud Voice Express app

  1. In the app, go to Settings
  2. Select Enable divert calls
  3. Select Calls divert…
  4. Choose when calls will go to voicemail or to another number
  5. When you’re happy, go back – the app will save your choices for you automatically

To switch your divert off again, just untick all of the divert options you previously selected in the app.

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