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How do I activate my SIM card? | BT Business

How do I activate my SIM card?

We activate most of our SIM cards before we send them out, so you should be able to use yours straight away.

If you need to keep using your old SIM card while you're waiting for your new one, we can only activate your new one when you receive it.

Activating your replacement SIM

You can complete the activation instantly from your BT Mobile Manager account.

Or complete our online activation form here.

Once we've confirmed activation, turn your device off and switch it back on again. This ensures the network change is picked up by your new SIM card. Don't panic if this doesn't work straight away; activation can take up to 24 hours to fully complete.

Can I use my SIM in a non-BT device?

Our SIM cards are compatible with most devices, but you'll need to ensure your device has been unlocked by your old provider or the manufacturer.

How can I get a replacement SIM card?

Need a different sized SIM card for a new device? Contact us and we'll order you a new SIM card for delivery the next working day.

If your SIM card has stopped working, head to our Problems and faults pages for more help.

Lost or stolen SIM Cards?

If you've lost your SIM card or it has been stolen, you should contact us immediately

What's an eSIM?

An eSIM works just like a normal SIM card except it's embedded in your device. Instead of inserting a SIM card into your device, you download a new profile to your device using a QR code. Read our eSIM support page to find out more.

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