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Enhanced IT Support | BT Business

Enhanced IT Support: what is it, who's it for, and how can I order it?

Enhanced IT Support is like having your own IT helpdesk on call 24 hours a day. As long as you have internet access, our IT experts can take control of your PC remotely. Most problems can be fixed in this manner, without the need to come on site.

Enhanced IT Support includes:

  • support for up to 5 PCs/laptops
  • virus removal
  • reinstallation and upgrades of your operating system
  • optional support for your smartphones and tablet

Who can order Enhanced IT Support?

You don't need to be a BT customer to order Enhanced IT Support. It's available to anyone who gets their broadband or fibre from a UK-based internet service provider (ISP).

Please note: we only cover Microsoft-compatible software.

How do I order Enhanced IT support?

If you're a BT Business broadband and fibre customer, you can order Enhanced IT Support online. For everyone else, please call the team on 0800 500 247. If you need any more information, please visit the Enhanced IT Support page.

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