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Why has my Smart hosting request failed? | BT Business

Why has my Smart hosting request failed?

A domain Smart hosting transfer request may fail for a number of reasons:

  • The domain does not exist. If this happens, please ensure that the requested domain name is spelt correctly.
  • The domain is restricted by BT. BT restrict many larger companies to prevent customers from attempting to use ineligible domains. Ineligible domains include Internet Service Providers, for example, Google, AOL and Yahoo. You cannot register domains in the format
  • The domain already exists in BT's systems. This occurs when the domain is already used by another BT account. This issue can only be addressed by the domains technical help desk. If you order the domain by phone, the sales agent will ensure that your issue is passed to the technical help team. If you order the domain via My BT Business account, you can raise the issue via the DNS enquiry form.
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