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Can I use an existing domain with BT services? | BT Business

Can I use an existing domain with BT services?

Yes, you can use an existing domain name with BT services. You can either transfer the domain name to BT, or configure the domain name as a Smart hosted domain.

  • Transfer
    Existing BT Business Broadband customers can transfer their domain name hosting to BT. This will make it easier to configure the domain for use with BT services. You can request a transfer online via Manage services

    For further information about transferring domains, please see Transferring domains to BT Business

  • Smart hosting
    This is where BT services are configured for use with an externally hosted domain. To order smart hosting if you are a new customer, please give us a call on 0800 028 2075. Existing customers can request Smart hosting online via MyOffice . There is no charge for this service.

    For further information about smart hosting, please see Smart hosting domains for use with BT services

Using your domain for email

If you’d like to use an existing domain with BT Business email, you must first activate your email account. If you’re not sure how to do this, our online instructions will show you what to do.

Once it’s set up, we'll send you an email showing you how to validate that you own the domain.

Using your domain for hosting:

If you've got a BT Business Hosting package and want to use your external domain as its Primary Domain, you'll need to contact your existing supplier to update the A record to:

You'll already have access to your hosting account through a temporary address.

Important note: BEFORE you change your A record to move your website to BT, we strongly recommend copying the content of your existing site. Alternatively, you can build a new website using tools in the Website Centre. It's simply a case of better safe than sorry.

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