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Renewing domain names

Renewing domain names

Dependent on the domain type you have, they’re renewed differently.


If the domain is listed as a free domain in the BT Domains Centre, it’s automatically renewed by our systems for free. If your free domain expires you won’t be able to renew it yourself within the BT Domains Centre. If you want to cancel the auto renewal, just contact BTs Domain Name Team

For purchased domains listed in the BT Domains Centre, our systems will automatically renew these using previously saved card details if you have the auto renew lock set to On.

60 days before your domain expires, we'll email you to confirm that we’ll renew the domain 45 days before it expires. We’ll send you an email from to the email address we have listed as the administration contact for the domain to let you know if the renewal was successful or not.


To renew a purchased domain yourself, you need to be logged into My Account

Make sure you use the primary login email address otherwise you can’t access the domain portal. And remember that the primary login email address can be different from the contact email address that receives renewal notifications. Only the primary user has access to renew domains once logged in.

Click on the image below that you see after you’ve logged in. The steps you need to follow will show when you do this.

How to stop your domain expiring

If your domain is expiring, you’ll receive a notification from the national body that manages .uk domain names, Nominet

This gives you a final chance to renew your domain through Nominet. However, this is far more expensive than going through your original registrar (BT Business in this case).

If you’ve received this notification, we’ve not been able to automatically renew your domain name most likely as your payment information needs updating. To update it just follow the instructions in the reminder emails that we send to your administrator email address right up to your renewal due date unless action has already been taken.

Just so you know:

  • You can renew an expired domain of any type through BT Business for up to 90 days after it has expired by using the Domain Renewal page 
  • There’s no charge for renewing expired domains, but we can’t guarantee that the domain will still be available through the expired domain route.
  • It’s worth checking the payment details for any domains purchased with a credit card are up-to-date and keep an eye out for correspondence from us as your renewal approaches.

How to stop your domain registration expiring

As long as it's more than 45 days before your domain expires you can turn the auto renewal on. If we've provided your domain for free as part of a hosting package, you can't change this option as we'll renew it automatically for as long as you keep that hosting package.

Turning auto-renewal on or off in the BT Domains Centre

  1. Sign in to Manage services
  2. In the Domains section, click on Manage your domain names.
  3. From the Auto renew status list, select On for your selected domain name to renew automatically (or off to turn auto-renewal off).
  4. Click on Save renewal changes.

If there are any problems changing the auto-renew status, please contact us.

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