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Domain renewal reminder emails | BT Business

Domain renewal reminder emails

When your domain is due for renewal, we’ll send an email from to the contact email addresses we have for the domain to let you know that either:

  • Your domain will soon be renewed automatically.
  • You’ll need to log in to your account to renew your domain.
  • Our systems couldn’t renew your domain and you need to log into your account to renew it.
  • Your domain has expired and you need to log into your account to renew it.

The subject line of the email will say something like:

  • Important: BT Domains Centre - Auto Renewal notification
  • Important: BT Domains Centre - Advanced domain expiry notification
  • Domain Name Past Expiration Date - expiring on Friday 1st Jan 2021
  • Domain Renewal Reminder - expiring on Friday 1st Jan 2021

If we can’t automatically renew your domain, we’ll send several domain renewal reminder emails to contact email addresses we hold for the domain before and after the expiry date.

You should keep the domain’s Whois contact details up to date so you don’t miss any of the domain renewal reminder emails.

Back when you originally registered the domain, you would’ve been asked to choose and enter the domain’s registrant and administration contact email addresses. Over time these can get out of date and you may no longer be able to access them.

If you don’t receive the renewal reminder emails because your Whois details aren’t up to date, your domain could expire. About 90 days later it becomes available for re-registry by someone else.

It’s easy to update your domain’s administration contact email address and information through the BT Domains Centre using the Whois option within the domain portal.

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