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Changing your BT Business billing address | BT Business

Changing your BT Business billing address

You can change your BT Business billing address quickly and easily online. Simply go to Change billing address in My Account and follow the steps.

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How can I see past changes to my billing address?

To see past changes to your billing address, simply:

  1. Go to Change billing address in My Account.
  2. We’ll list each of your billing accounts. Find the one you want to see billing address changes for and click the downward arrow.
  3. You’ll now see the current billing address for that account, and the View billing address history link. Select this to view any changes to your billing address in the last six months.

Why can’t I go to Change billing address?

Can’t go to Change billing address, or can’t see the option in Billing? This is because the status of your billing account or accounts stops you from changing your billing address. Contact us to find out more.

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