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How do I switch my broadband or phone line to BT Business? | BT Business

How do I switch my broadband and/or phone line to BT Business?

You can switch your broadband and/or phone line to BT Business in three easy steps:

1. Choose your options and place your order

  • See what's available in your area using our phone number checker.
  • Pick a package and place your order online.
  • For switching your phone line and/or broadband, just give us your details when your order.

2. We'll contact your current provider

  • You don't need to tell them about your move, we'll do it all for you.
  • If you're switching your phone line, we'll try to keep your current phone number.

3. Let's get you up and running!

  • We'll let you know when we're making the switch. Typically, you could be without a broadband connection for about 30 minutes on the day that you choose to make the change.
  • If you're having a BT Business Hub with your broadband, you'll get it in the post a day or so before your switching date. All you need to do is set it up when we've made the switch (don't worry, it's easy to do and we'll tell you how to do it).
  • Of course, if you're having an engineer out to install your broadband, you don't need to do anything yourself. Just make sure that the hub and the ‘Welcome’ kit are ready for the engineer.

It'll take at least ten working days for the broadband migration to be completed; during this period your existing broadband service will continue.

If you're a BT Residential customer who wants to change to BT Business Broadband, please call 0800 400400 and ask for the residential to business team and they will help you migrate your service over.

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