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How is broadband installed? | Help | BT Business

How is BT Business Broadband installed?

Thank you for choosing BT Business Broadband. Please watch our short video. You’ll find out what to expect and what you can do to help make your broadband installation go as smoothly as possible.

Before your broadband installation day

  • Make sure you’ve chosen the best date and time for your broadband installation. If you need to rearrange, you can do so up to 48 hours before your engineer visit. Just go to Order Tracker online to select a new appointment.
  • Get permission from the property owner for possible engineering work. For example, the engineer may need to carry out drilling or secure ladders to install broadband. Rest assured, we’ll leave everything clean and tidy afterwards!
  • Make sure you have a power socket near to where you want us to install your broadband equipment.
  • Make sure you have a decision maker on-site for the whole engineer visit – and provide their contact details to the engineer. You can do this in Order Tracker online – it’s important that the engineer can get in touch if they need to.

On your broadband installation day

  • Clear a space where you want your broadband installed.
  • Make sure there are no hazards on site or access restrictions that could stop the engineer from completing their work.
  • Give the engineer access to anywhere they need to work.
  • The engineer will carry out the work needed to install your broadband equipment. For example they may need to drill holes for a cable to access your property or to secure ladders to your external walls.
  • The engineer will test your broadband to make sure it’s working properly. We’ll use one of your devices to check your new broadband connection.

After your broadband installation day

  • Enjoy your new BT Business Broadband! You can use My Account and the BT Business app to get the most from your service.

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