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Adding accounts to My Account | BT Business

Adding accounts to My Account

  • Add a new account to an existing profile:

1. From My Account, click on Add missing accounts

2. Add your account number and bill reference

    • You can find this information on your bill. The bill reference number must be for a bill less than 9 months old (on the account that you're adding to your profile).
    • The account that you're adding must be one that you're still using.
    • If the account you're adding is part of a BT Business OneBill, you'll need to enter the main OneBill account number (it starts with VP).

3. Log out

4. Log back in to view your new account (if you can't see your new account, try logging out and in again; if it’s still not there after 48 hours please contact us)

Edit an account:

1. From My Account, click Manage permissions

2. Follow the on-screen instructions

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