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Ditching the paper is easy...

If you already manage your billing online...

Just sign in, select the account that you want and then click Switch to paper-free in Bill Medium.

If you don't have a BT Business online account...

An online account is easy to set up. You'll need to know your BT account number and the bill reference.

Why switch to paper free?

You'll save time not opening post

You'll save space not storing reams of paper bills

Find your bills quickly online then download and print them

But to be paper-free you first have to manage your bills online. That in itself brings a whole heap of serious benefits. You can -

  • Get hold of your bills and VAT invoices whenever you want
  • Check what calls have been made on your line since your last bill
  • Make intelligent decisions about your business using our straightforward online analysis tools


What's stopping you?

My accountant needs paper bills and VAT invoices for my tax return:

You don't need to worry about the taxman. We've already had a word: our printable online bills are fully VAT-compliant and available whenever you need them. Here's what the HMRC has to say about producing electronic VAT invoices for inspection.

Below is a quote from the HMRC's guidance on 'storing electronic invoices' published on their own website at: hmrc.gov.uk/vat/managing/charging/e-invoices.htm.

“When they check your VAT records, HMRC will need to see your electronic invoices in a readable format. ”


What if I like paper copies?

Some customers have told us they like paper copies of their bills. But you can still do that with paper-free! Just print out the pages that you need, when you need them.