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Your guide to BT Hybrid Connect

Use this guide to find out how to get and set up your Hybrid Connect device, fix problems yourself, and get the best performance for your business.

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Help with Hybrid Speed Boost

What is Hybrid Speed Boost?

Hybrid Speed Boost is a new BT service that uses 4G simultaneously with your broadband to boost your internet speed.

Hybrid Speed Boost – which gives you faster internet speeds – and Hybrid Backup – which keeps you connected if you lose broadband – both use the same Hybrid Connect 4G modem, although they’re available as separate products. View broadband deals

Do I need any extra equipment for Hybrid Speed Boost

You’ll need two pieces of equipment for Hybrid Speed Boost: Hybrid Connect and the BT Business Smart Hub 2.

If you’ve already chosen Hybrid Backup, then you don’t need any additional devices.

Rest assured, we’ll send you the equipment you need when you order Hybrid Speed Boost. View broadband deals

How can I get the best speeds from Hybrid Speed Boost?

To get the best speeds from Hybrid Speed Boost you’ll need your best 4G signal and the strongest connection between your Smart Hub and your Hybrid Connect. Get the best signal for Hybrid Connect

You can test your boosted speed using My Account and the BT Business app.

What can affect Hybrid Speed Boost speeds?

As well as your 4G signal strength, other factors can influence your Hybrid Speed Boost speeds too.

  • Hybrid Speed Boost speeds can vary through the day, especially at peak times when lots of people are using 4G.
  • For the best performance, connect your Smart Hub 2 and your Hybrid Connect using the Ethernet cable we provide. If not, a strong wi-fi connection is a must.
  • Lots of laptops, tablets or computers connected at the same time will affect Hybrid Speed Boost speed.

What happens if my broadband gets disconnected while I’m using Hybrid Speed Boost?

If you’ve got Hybrid Backup, then your Hybrid Connect will automatically switch from Speed Boost mode to Backup mode to keep you online. 

If you haven't got Hybrid Backup, then your Hybrid Speed Boost connection will stop working until your broadband is up and running again.

Can I use Hybrid Backup and Hybrid Speed Boost at the same time?

No – Hybrid Backup and Hybrid Speed Boost both use the same Hybrid Connect device, but for different things.

When broadband’s connected, Hybrid Speed Boost makes your connection faster.

If you lose broadband, Hybrid Connect automatically switches to Backup mode to keep you connected to the internet.

So Hybrid Speed Boost works when you have broadband, and Hybrid Backup works when you don’t have broadband.

Does Hybrid Speed Boost speed up all internet traffic?

VPN traffic can’t be boosted by Hybrid Speed Boost because it can’t be split over both broadband and 4G. So VPN traffic will always be over broadband alone. But if your broadband goes down, you’ll still be able to get VPN traffic over 4G if you’ve chosen Hybrid Backup.

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