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Your guide to BT Hybrid Connect

Use this guide to find out how to get and set up your Hybrid Connect device, fix problems yourself, and get the best performance for your business.

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Help with Hybrid Connect

What does Hybrid Connect 'ready' mean?

If you see a purple light on your Hybrid Connect Device and the signal bars are solid, you're connected to your broadband. Should your broadband stop your Hybrid Backup service will start working.

It's on, but it's not active, it's just ready to keep you connected automatically – without you lifting a finger.

What do the lights on my Hybrid Connect Device mean?

The lights on your device give you an instant status report. See our detailed guide

What happens if my equipment gets lost or damaged?

Hybrid Connect comes with a number of components:

  • BT Business Hybrid Connect Device.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • A power supply.
  • A pre-inserted SIM card (already activated and fitted to make life easy for you).

If you lose or damage any of these, please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Do I need to have a BT mobile?

No. The Hybrid Connect Device comes with its own BT SIM card that connects it to the 4G network. So, it doesn't matter what mobile company you're with if you want to use the Hybrid Backup service.

The Hybrid Connect Device uses the same SSID as your hub. So, you don't need to do anything if you're already connected to your hub's SSID. If you have a new hub, you'll need to connect to the hub's new SSID.

But if you've got BT broadband already, why not get a BT mobile too and see how much you can save?

Does Hybrid Connect work across different broadband accounts?

No. Each Hybrid Connect Device is set up to work on a single broadband account only. So, if you've more than one broadband line, make sure you plug each Hybrid Connect Device into the correct hub.

What happens with my SSID?

The SSID is your Smart Hub 2's wireless network name. You'll find it located on the hub label on the back of the device. It starts with the prefix BTB-.

The Hybrid Connect Device only works with the BT Business Smart Hub 2 and uses the same SSID as the hub. If you have a new hub, you'll need to connect to its new SSID.

SSID wireless network name on the back of the BT Business Smart Hub 2

Does Hybrid Connect work when there's a power cut?

Unless you’ve a back-up power system, no. Because Hybrid Connect is designed to work together with the BT Business Smart Hub 2, you'll need a working power supply to your Hub to stay online.

If there’s a power cut, you'll connect again automatically once power’s been restored – either with broadband as normal or with Hybrid Backup if broadband’s unavailable and you’ve chosen Hybrid Backup.

Download the Hybrid Connect Device user guide

Download the declaration of conformity

Returning your BT Business Smart Hub or Hybrid Connect Device

Returning equipment we've sent you from 01 June 2020

We own all of the BT Broadband Smart Hubs, Hybrid Connect Devices, and Cloud Voice Express phones sent to customers from 01 June 2020 - unless you've bought the equipment from us outright. If we send you any replacement items or you leave BT, you'll need to return any equipment we own. If you don't send back the items we own, you may need to pay a non-return fee. Find out more about returning equipment for free.

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