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Set up Call Waiting on Cloud Voice

Call Waiting lets you answer another incoming call while you're on the phone.

If you're already on a call and Call Waiting is on, you'll hear a Call Waiting tone when you get another call. If you want to answer this second call, put the current call on hold using the ‘hold’ key and answer the new call. You'll see each call on your phone; you can toggle between the calls using the ‘hold’ and ‘resume’ keys.

You can join all calls together (creating a three-way call) by pressing the ‘join’ key.

Without Call Waiting on your number, anyone calling when you’re on another call will either hear a busy tone, be diverted to your voicemail (if you have one activated) or be forwarded to another number (if you’ve set up call forwarding).

How do I set it up?

Call Waiting is simple to set up. You can do it using a Feature Access Code or the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal.

How do I set it up on the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice Business Portal


  2. From the ‘Employees’ menu select who you want to activate Call Waiting for
  3. Select ’Features’ from the menu on the left-hand side
  4. Scroll down to ‘Call Waiting’ and move the switch to ‘On
  5. To deactivate Call Waiting, move the switch to ‘Off’.

How do I turn it on or off with a Feature Access Code?

  1. Dial *43 from your handset
  2. You'll hear a message confirming that Call Waiting has been activated
  3. To switch Call Waiting off, dial #43 from your handset (and you'll hear a message again)
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