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Call Centre for BT Cloud Voice and how to use it

Call Centre for Cloud Voice helps you deal with a large number of incoming calls. It:

  • Sends incoming calls to a group of users, so that anyone available can answer
  • Queues calls that can’t be answered immediately
  • Can give announcements and play music to people in queues
  • Can divert calls if the group doesn’t answer
  • And you can get call statistics emailed to you

How to set up a Call Centre for Cloud Voice

  1. Log in to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select Sites and choose your site
  3. Select Features from the left-hand menu
  4. Find Call Centre and select Configure
  5. Select +Add
  6. Fill in the Call Centre details, including a password with at least six letters and numbers.
  7. If you need a public number for the Call Centre, go to General Setting and select one from Directory Number
  8. Set an Extension
  9. Enter a Queue Length to limit the number of calls waiting to be answered
  10. Choose Call Distribution to set how Call Centre sends calls to the group
  11. If you want callers to be able to leave the queue, tick Allow Callers To Dial Number To Escape From Queue. If you have Call Centre Plus, you can Follow Busy Treatment
  12. Choose your Agent Settings
  13. If you want the Call Centre to have its own ring tone, select Enable Distinctive Ringing for Call Centre Calls and choose the ring tone from the drop-down
  14. Select Save

With Call Centre you can control how calls are sent around your group. By choosing one of these Call Distribution options, you decide who answers the calls and when.

  • Call Distribution for Call Centre and how to use it

    You’ve set up a Call Centre, and you can now use it to manage incoming calls.


    Calls ring on every available phone in the Call Centre at the same time. The first person to answer takes the call. If nobody in the group is available, the call joins the queue.


    Calls ring on each phone one at a time, until somebody answers. The first person on the list always gets the first ring. If there’s no answer, the call joins the queue.


    Similar to Regular, but instead of starting with the first person in the list every time, Circular instead rings the person listed after the person who answered last time.


    Calls go to the person who has been available the longest.


    Using the BT Cloud Voice Portal, the administrator can set weights for everyone in the group – so that people given higher weight are asked to answer calls first.

  • Agent Settings for Call Centre and how to use them

    Here are the different Agent Settings in Call Centre, and what they mean. You can tick each setting to choose how calls are managed in your Call Centre.

    Allow agents to join/leave the Call Centre

    People in the Call Centre group can choose to leave it – or new people can log in to join.

    Allow Call Waiting

    Lets people take more than one call at a time. Note this will apply to everyone in the Call Centre – even if they’ve set up their own Call Waiting. Can I set up Call Waiting on my BT Cloud Voice phone?

    Enable calls to agents In Wrap-Up State

    Wrap-Up State prevents a new call being received for a short time after a call has finished. Enabling calls to agents in Wrap-Up State means a new call could connect as soon as the previous call has finished.

    After call, automatically set agent state to

    Choose from one of three options:

    • Available: users will be able to take calls straight away
    • Unavailable: users will not receive calls
    • Wrap-Up: users will have a short time after a call before they’re available again. This allows time to finish work from the previous call – to ‘wrap up’ that call before moving on to another.

    Enable Maximum ACD Wrap-Up Timer

    You can select a time limit (up to one hour) for your Wrap-Up State.

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