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What do you need help with?

What do you need help with?

Set Up Hybrid Connect

Setting up Hybrid Connect is straightforward. You’ll need to do this to get the best performance from Hybrid Backup and Hybrid Speed Boost.

The quickest way to set up Hybrid Connect is by using the BT Business app. Download from your app provider:

Download from the Apple App Store
Download from the Google Play Store

Not got the app? Watch the short video to see how to set up Hybrid Connect. Or simply follow the seven steps below.

If you’ve got a Hybrid Connect you can also get connected straight away without your broadband being activated. Just plug your hub in and follow the instructions on the device packaging.

1. Plug in your Hybrid Connect device next to your hub

Plug in your hub and Hybrid Connect next to each other.

2. Switch on your Hybrid Connect device

Press the power button on the back of your Hybrid Connect device to switch it on.

Switch on Hybrid Connect using the power button, which you'll find on the back at the bottom-right.

3. Plug your Hybrid Connect device into your hub

Plug one of your provided Ethernet cable (the one with yellow ends) into your Hybrid Connect device and the other into any of the yellow sockets on the back of your hub.

Connect your hub to your Hybrid Connect, by plugging in the yellow Ethernet cable into the yellow Ethernet ports on both devices.

4. Wait for both lights to turn solid blue or orange

There are two lights on the front of your Hybrid Connect device. Wait until both lights are either a solid blue or orange colour before continuing.

After a little while, Hybrid Connect will light up blue or orange to show it's working.

5. Check your 4G Signal

When you have a 4G signal, Hybrid Connect will light up blue.

6. If your signal is good

If you see all three bars lit up on your Hybrid Connect device then it is in a great position and you are done.

If you have a strong signal, you'll see three bars on the front of Hybrid Connect.

7. If your signal is weak

If two or less bars are lit up, try repositioning your Hybrid Connect device to get the best signal. If you need help doing this read our positioning your Hybrid connect guide.

You won't see three bars on the front of Hybrid Connect if you have a weak signal.

Position your Hybrid Connect device

Find the best location for your Hybrid Connect Device

Follow these steps to best position your Hybrid Connect device.
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