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Set up additional cordless phones | BT Business
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Get the most out of your fibre and digital line bundle

Thanks for ordering your BT fibre and digital line bundle. It's time to set up your new service and equipment.

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Set up additional cordless phones

More than one Cloud Voice Express phone? Here's how to set up your additional handsets.

  1. Put the batteries into the phone.
  2. Switch on the phone. The screen will show ‘Unregistered’.
  3. On the base station, press and hold the button until the handset light flashes.
  4. On the phone, press the soft Reg key. This pairs the phone to the base station.
  5. On the phone, press the soft Line key. This checks the phone number assigned.

You've set up one additional handset. To set up any more, just follow the same steps.

If you’ve bought two Cloud Voice Express lines, your additional handset will automatically pair to the second line.

Manage your numbers and handsets online

You can configure your Cloud Voice Express numbers and handsets online:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Manage my services
  3. Select Manage Cloud Voice Express
  4. Configure your numbers and handsets the way you want

You can also download the Yealink cordless phone user guide (PDF: 2.1MB) for additional assistance.

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