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Why can't I send emails? Why can't I receive emails? | BT Business

Why can’t I send emails? Why can’t I receive emails?

If you can’t send emails or can’t receive emails, here are some possible reasons – plus what you can do to put things right:

  • Technical problem with email

    Check if Service Status page or call our free automated service on 0800 169 0199 to see if there are problems with the email service in general.
  • Problem with your email account

    Try accessing your email online via the Microsoft Office 365 portal and send yourself some test messages. If these work, the issue may be with your email software or device.
  • Issue with your email software or device

    If you can log into your account, but can't send emails or can’t receive emails, check your email server settings. See our step-by-step guides on the set-up process
  • Large email being sent

    Large email attachments can cause your mailbox to lock, but it will unlock itself within 20 minutes. If you still can’t send or receive emails, try deleting any emails over 3 MB.
  • Email account is full

    Log in to your online email access. Then try deleting any emails you don't need – particularly those with large attachments.

    If you use Outlook, you can also update your account settings to free up email space. How to make space for emails
  • Emails are being identified as span

    If you can’t receive emails, they could be being tagged as span. The sender will get an error code 550. More details on email error messages
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