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What is Choose to Refuse & how do I use it? | BT Business

What is Choose to Refuse & how do I use it?

Choose to Refuse lets you block incoming calls from up to 10 nominated numbers.

To order Choose to Refuse, you'll need to call us - you'll find contact information on our sales pages. We can start the service on your line and give you your PIN. Then just follow these simple steps to set up barring:

To bar the last call you answered

  1. From your phone dial 14258
  2. Press * twice

To bar other numbers at any time

  1. From your phone dial 14258

  2. When prompted enter your PIN

  3. Choose to Refuse will then ask you to select one of the following:

    • Set up your barred number list or add a number to it
      Make sure you include the area STD code before UK numbers and press '*' at the end of the number

    • Review the barred number list or delete numbers from it
      You can check or edit your list at any time. Choose to Refuse will tell you the numbers and the date when you set up the bar on them.

    • Change your PIN The starting PIN is 1234 and can be changed by you. Try to pick a PIN that is hard for someone to guess. We don't allow obvious PINs like 5678 and 2222.

Some calls from international destinations can't be barred as we don't always receive the number from the overseas network that the call originated from.

Note: If you have forgotten your PIN number, a PIN reset will be required. Just contact us and we'll do it for you. Just click on Contact Us on the right of this page.

See the BT Price List for up to date pricing.

You can cancel Choose to Refuse at any time as there's no minimum rental term. If you're due a rebate, we'll put that on your next bill.

To cancel the service, just click on the Contact us button on the bottom right of this screen and let us know when you want to stop the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Choose to Refuse which you may find helpful:

Can callers who call via a switchboard (PBX) be barred by Choose to Refuse?

This depends on the configuration of the switchboard, but in the majority of cases, the main company number will be barred even if a call has originated from one particular extension.

How many times can I change the numbers in my Choose to Refuse list?

You can change the numbers as often as you wish, by reviewing and editing your personal data store. For instance, if you wanted to bar a number one day, you could release it the second day and then bar it again on the third day.

I have barred the wrong call with Choose to Refuse

You can delete a number from your list of barred numbers. You can check your list at any time. To do this, dial 14258 and enter your PIN. Choose to Refuse gives you a choice to review your barred number list.

Choose to Refuse tells you the number and the date that it was barred. You then have the option to delete the number from your list.

I have received a call from a previously barred number with Choose to Refuse

You can only bar 10 numbers. The 11th entry replaces the oldest telephone number stored. Check the list of barred numbers (see above) to ensure that you have not exceeded the maximum number.

Can anyone have Choose to Refuse?

The service is available on single analogue lines connected to digital exchanges. If you are unsure of what exchange type you are on, please call our recorded helpline on 0800 789 456 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I bar reverse charge calls with Choose to Refuse?

Reverse charge calls cannot be barred in their entirety, however, if you have barred a number from where a reverse charge request is being made from then the call will not be connected.

Will Choose to Refuse continue to bar a number if the number becomes withheld?

Yes. A withheld number is where a caller purposely blocks their number from being released when making an outgoing call. Choose to Refuse will still be able to bar any calls made from that number using the '**' facility. However, you will not be able to see what the number was within your list. Whenever a withheld number is held in the list, when reviewing your number list you will hear a message advising 'a caller who withheld their number was barred on etc.'

I am unable to bar some calls with Choose to Refuse - what should I do?

Choose to Refuse lets you bar incoming calls from up to ten numbers. You can check how many you are currently barring by reviewing your barred numbers list by following the instructions above. Unfortunately, we cannot bar calls when the caller withholds their number.

If you dial 1471 and hear the message 'we do not have the caller's number to return the call', then it's not possible to bar that number.

This can happen when the caller is dialling you from a switchboard (so it may be a call from a large company, for instance) or if the caller is dialling from a fixed-line number abroad.

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