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How do I change my MN3300 system into day or night service from my phone? | BT Business

Setting the MN 3300 to day or night service from a phone

To switch between day or night service from a Mitel phone:

  1. Press the blue Super key or the programmed Super key screen button.
    The 5320, 5330, 5340, and 5360 will need the Superkey to be programmed as a screen button, please see How do I program my buttons?
  2. You should see the first option, Phonebook.
  3. Keep pressing No, until you see Night Service.
  4. Press Day/Night button.
  5. Press Change.
  6. Press No until you see the service you want (Day, Night1, Night2).
  7. Press the button next to the correct Day/Night service.
  8. You should now see a message on your screen indicating the service you're in.
  9. You can add a Night Service Indicator by either programming a key through your phone (depending on model) or through your system. This will let you know when the system is Night service by illuminating the key.
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