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Programming DDI numbers on your BT Versatility | BT Business

Programming DDI numbers on your BT Versatility

Direct Dialling In (DDI) or Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) enables callers to dial through to a particular extension without speaking to the switchboard Operator.

DDI/MSN can route to either:

  • Single extension (for example a fax extension).
  • Ring Group, Auto Attendant or Courtesy service.

MSN/DDI numbers can show the Calling Line ID (CLI) of the caller.

Up to 100 DDI numbers can be programmed. Each is given an Index from 01 to 100.

For programming see page 99 - 100 of the BT Versatility Owner’s Manual:

BT Versatility Owners Manual (PDF, 665KB)​​​​​​​

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.

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