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How do I set up system call forward on my MN3300? | BT Business

How do I set up system call forward on my MN3300?

You can set up system call forward from your extension to a mobile or landline by following the steps below:

The best way is to always forward to the same number, that way it can be set up as a Speed Call.

Set up Speed Call:

  1. Login to your Mitel system.
  2. From the homepage navigate to the System Property - System Feature Settings - System Speed Call form.
  3. Click Add.
  4. When the window opens enter the new Speed Call details:
    • Speed Call Number - XXX or XXXX (make the number of digits the same as your Extn digit length)

    • Enter the actual number -  (9) or the access code for an outgoing line on your system followed by mobile or landline number e.g. (9) 0778XXXXXXX or (9)011324XXXXX (9 then the full number)

    • Override T/C - Yes

    • Select S/C option
      Speed Call - 450     Act No - 9078xxxxxx     Override - Yes     Select S/c

      This saves having to then change the COS for the phones and trunks with Override toYes

Set up a Call Forward Profile:

  1. Go to the User & devices - Advance Configuration - Call Forward Profile form.
  2. Click Add.
  3. When the window opens enter the new Call Forward details:
    • Number - xxx or xxxx (the extension that wants the calls forwarding)
    • Type - Always     
    • Fwd Dest - 450 (put in the speed call number you assigned in 4 above)
    • Turn on if testing

Program a button on the phone:

  1. Go to the User and Devices - User and Devices Configuration form.

  2. Highlight the extension that wants to Call Forward.

  3. Click Change.

  4. Once the extension page has loaded, click the Key tab.

  5. Highlight an unassigned key or a key that's not needed and click Change Key.

  6. When the window opens enter the new Key details:

    • Label - write a label you'll understand (this will only show on phones with a screen)

    • Line Type - Call forward Always

      Make sure it's the correct call forward type as selected above in Setting up a Call Forward Profile.

  7. Click Save

  8. When complete, turn on Call Forward (the key should light up) and test.

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