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How do I change MN3300 extension details and directory entries? | BT Business

Changing an extension details and directory entries

  1. Log on to the Mitel MCD.
  2. At the top left of the MCD screen select View Alphabetically from the dropdown.
  3. Click the Users and Devices Configuration form.
  4. Select the user that you want to change.
  5. Click Change.
  6. Make the required changes for the user and click on Save.
  7. To add or change details in the directory, go to Users and Device and then Telephone Directory Management.
  8. Click the Telephone Directory form.
  9. Click Add for a new entry or Change to make changes to an existing entry.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Make a test call to see which name comes up.
  12. Log out of the MCD once complete.
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