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Why doesn't my BT Versatility phone ring when a call comes through? | BT Business

Telephone not ringing on internal or incoming calls - BT Versatility

If you're not receiving any incoming or internal calls when you expect to, the most likely causes are a programming error or a faulty phone.

A Divert All Calls (DAC) or Do Not Disturb (DND) might have been set which will block any internal or incoming calls coming through. If this is the case there would be an interrupted dial tone on the extension. To remove these features, you'll need to complete an extension reset.  

From a feature phone

  1. From the Idle Menu, press the Scroll Down key until Reset the telephone is displayed.
  2. Select Reset the telephone.
  3. The display shows Extension reset momentarily before returning to the Idle Menu

Standard phones:

Dial 739 and wait for the acknowledgement tone (internal dial tone).

To Find out if the telephone is faulty swap the phone with a similar working phone.

Faulty telephone? You can either replace it or if it's under a BT maintenance agreement, a replacement telephone can be despatched. You'll need to contact us to arrange this.

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