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How do I create a Linear hunt group? | BT Business

How do I create a Linear hunt group?

With Linear hunting, calls are always presented to the first extension in the group if it is available. If it is busy, then the call is presented to the next extension in the group.

Linear hunting is used if there is a preference for a specific extension to take most of the calls, with backup call handling by other extensions in the group.

To configure a hunt group from the web interface:

  1. Open and log into the web interface.
  2. Select Extensions/Extension Groups to display the extension groups page.
  3. Select the group type (Linear) of the group you wish to program.
  4. Select Submit.

To configure a hunt group from the programming extension:

  1. From the Programming Extension (201 by default), press the Program key.
  2. Select System Program.
  3. Enter the System Programming Password (1111 by default).
  4. Select Group Program. The 20 groups are listed.
  5. Select the group you wish to programme. Two options are shown, Ring Group and Hunt Group.
  6. Select Hunt Group.
  7. Select the type of group (Linear).
  8. Press the hands-free key to finish programming.
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