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How do I enter system programming and what is the programming PIN number? | BT Business

How do I enter system programming and what is the programming PIN number?

The primary method of programming the BT Quantum is through the web interface. Certain system functions can also be managed using the programming extension.

To enter system programming via the web interface:

  1. Using your web browser, enter the LAN IP address or http://lan.home.
    Ensure your browser settings are correct and your network proxies are switched off.
  2. On the Login page, enter the Username and Password.
    The default system username/password combination is user/user. It is recommended that you change the default password when you log in.

When you first log in the home page is displayed. This shows a summary of status information for your BT Quantum system.

System programming can also be accessed from the programming extension. In default this is extension 201 and the PIN number is 1111 but these can be changed in programming.

To enter system programming from an extension:

  1. From the Programming Extension, press the Program Key.
  2. Select System Program.
  3. Enter the System Programming Password (1111 by default).

If the programming position has been changed it can be located by attempting to access programming from all extensions.  (It will be necessary to connect a Systemphone to the extension to prove this). Only the programming extension will offer the prompt System Program all other extensions will not display this option.

For more information on the web interface see  BT Quantum Administrators Guide.

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