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How do I set the time and date by using SNTP?

How do I set the time and date by using SNTP?

If Internet access is available through your IP Office, you can set the time using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). Most IP Office systems are set to use SNTP and British Summer Time, so should then automatically update for UK clock changes.

To set the Date & Time:

  1. Click on System and then System tab.

  2. Enter the following settings:

    Time Setting Config Source = Select SNTP
    Time Server Address =

    Click Ok but do not Save and Merge as you need to create the IP Route for Internet access.

  3. Right click over IP Route and select New (create a default gateway on your IP Office to have Internet access).

    IP address =
    Subnet mask =
    Default gateway = IP address of the Internet router
    Destination drop down = LAN 1
    Metric count (next hop router count) = 1

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Save and Merge.

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