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Telephone number codes and their costs | BT Business

How to identify telephone numbers and their costs

There is a National Numbering Plan in use in the UK that is designed to make things simple and easy to use. The numbers used are intended to indicate the type of services they support and/or to give an indication of how much calls to those numbers cost.

The following table shows the main numbers used:

Number Sub-range Use
00 - Access for international calls.
01 - National geographic numbers in the UK.
02 - National geographic numbers in the UK.
03 030, 033, 034 and 037      National non-geographic numbers with calls charged at or below rates for geographic numbers.
04 - Not used.
05 0500 Numbers where calls are free to the caller from BT Landlines - new numbers which are no longer allocated.
  055 Corporate numbers.
  056 Location Independent Electronic Communications – typically VoIP services.
06 - Not used.
07 070 Personal numbers.
076 Radio paging calling.
071 – 075 077 – 079 Mobile telephones.
08 0800, 0808 National numbers where calls are free to the caller from BT Landlines.
0820 National numbers for Internet for Schools services.
0844 National numbers.
0845 National numbers.
0870 National numbers.
0871, 0872 National numbers, non-Internet.
09 090, 091 and 098 Numbers for special services where premium rate call charges are applied.
1   Access to services and facilities.
100 Operator.
112 Emergency Assistance.
118xxx Directory Enquiries.
141 Withhold CLI.
2 - 8 - Not used in the National Number Plan but may be used for local dialling to geographic numbers and as ‘short codes’ from mobile telephones.
9 999 Emergency assistance.

Information on call costs can be found in the BT Price List.

  1. Go to Section 2:Call Charges & Exchange Line Services
  2. Select the number range you're interested in i.e. 03xx numbers
  3. Look up the code i.e. 0300 is g21
  4. Then go Subpart 2:Calls Charged By Time Duration - Business
  5. Look for the type of call code i.e. g21-Calls to New Voice Services
  6. The pricing is shown in the right hand columns
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