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How to fix problems with Caller Display | BT Business

How to fix problems with Caller Display

BT Caller Display is the product name for caller ID. If you think your caller ID isn't working properly here are a couple of things you can try to put things right.

Just remember caller ID won't be displayed, regardless of your setup, if the call:

  • Is from outside the UK
  • Is from some other networks, including mobile networks
  • Is made from some payphones
  • Is from a caller who has withheld their number

Try replacing your telephone batteries
Remove your telephone from the socket and remove the batteries and replace with fresh ones.

If you've got a cordless caller display telephone, switch off the power to the base station for 15 seconds and then switch the power back on. Your next incoming call will reactivate caller ID.

Disconnect other equipment
Try the phone that has Caller Display on its own in the main socket. Make sure you disconnect all other equipment such as extension leads, Sky Digital adapters and computers.

Make sure that your Caller Display unit is at least 1 metre away from any other equipment like cordless phones as they can sometimes cause interference.

Are you using the correct equipment?
Check that your equipment supports Caller ID, as not all telephones with an LCD Display are compatible. To do this you'll need to check your phone user guide or check with your supplier.

If you've followed these steps and BT Caller Display still isn't working, report a fault online and we’ll put things right for you.

If you rent your telephone from us and you think it's faulty, get in touch and we'll arrange for a new telephone to be delivered to you. You can also buy telephones from us at the BT Business Shop.

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