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Ordering a domain name through a sales agent | BT Business

Ordering a domain name through a sales agent

When ordering services through a BT Business sales agent, you are given the opportunity to order a new domain name and a set of email addresses for your business.

Choosing a domain name

The agent searches for available domains on your behalf. Domains can end in or .biz.

Other domain types are available online via My Account. For further information on ordering a new domain name, please see How do I order a domain name?

When the agent completes the order, the domain request is sent to the appropriate domain registrar, after which the domain is secured for you.

Note: Occasionally, domains show as available but cannot be secured, due to circumstances beyond BT’s control. If this does happen, BT send an email outlining your options.

All BT Business domains are registered for an initial term of two years. If your domain is chargeable, you receive a notification email toward the end of your initial registration period, asking you to provide credit card details so BT can renew your domain.

If you have ordered a Web Hosting package, your domain may have been provided free of charge. BT Web Hosting comes with a free .uk domain and BT Advanced Web Hosting allows you to choose either a .uk or .com domain. These domains are automatically renewed on your behalf for as long as you keep the hosting package.

Note: If you have chosen BT Advanced Web Hosting or your chosen domain does not correspond to the free hosting entitlement that comes with your hosting package, you are still entitled to another free domain name. This domain can be claimed via My BT Business Account.

You cannot retrospectively add a free domain entitlement to a domain that you already have on your account.

Setting up email addresses

If you have chosen a domain name, the agent asks you if you wish to set up email addresses associated with that domain, for example, If you have not chosen to take a domain name, your email addresses can be created using the format

Each new email address is created with a separate username and password. The username always uses the format and the password is automatically set to the same password as the main account. These details are sent to the email addresses specified during the order process and copied to the primary user.

BT recommend that users change their passwords when accessing their accounts for the first time. For further information on resetting passwords, please see Changing your Business Email account password.

Users can start accessing their email within a few hours of order completion by visiting My Account and logging in.

Setting up hosting

If you have chosen a domain name and a hosting package, that domain name is automatically set as the ‘primary domain’ for that hosting package.

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