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How to upload an audio file for MN3300 Music On Hold | BT Business

How to upload an audio file for MN3300 Music On Hold

If you want to upload an audio file for your Music On Hold, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your system and have your .WAV (ALAW 8 bit MONO) format audio file ready.
  2. Find the mailbox number that the main site number is routed to. This can be found in the VM Mailbox's form if labelled or by looking at the System Speed Calls form.
  3. Go to the System Audio Files Update form and select the Music and Alternate Audio Source TAB.
  4. Select Audio Source ID - 0 (overwrite default or current .WAV file) and add a Label name.
  5. Below that you should see Browse, click and browse to the audio file. You'll need Java installed on your system to upload the file.
  6. Click Open and the window will close, now click Update.
  7. If you get a location error i.e. fakepath does not exist, create a new folder i.e. *C:\fakepath* and paste the new .WAV file into this new folder.
  8. Once the file is in the folder, try adding the file to the system again.
  9. Now navigate to the System Options form, click Change. Find the Music On Hold option and change to Yes.
  10. We now need to make a change in the Class of Service your phone/system is using.
  11. Navigate to the Class of Service Options form, click Change. Find the Music on Hold on Transfer option and select to Yes.
  12. Now go to the System Access Points form, click Change and for the Music source drop down box select Embedded.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Ensure the file is on your system and MOH is enabled by going to the Embedded Media Source form. You should see MOH enabled.
  15. When complete and the file has loaded successfully, make a test call to confirm.
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