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Changing Music on Hold on BT Cloud Voice | BT Business
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Change Music on Hold in Cloud Voice

If you're a Cloud Voice administrator, you can set up ‘music on hold’ for incoming callers who are either on hold or parked.

File specifications
Although it's called ‘music on hold’, you're not restricted to just playing music; you can play any audio as long as the file is:

  • No bigger than 1 MB.
  • In the format of CCITT u-Law WAV with 8kHz, 8 Bit, mono attributes.
  • Less than five minutes long.

Can I use an MP3 file for music on hold?
No, at the moment only WAV files as described above can be used.

There are currently two versions of the Cloud Voice Business Portal.

If you were set up on Cloud Voice before the 16 May 2022, you’ll be using the original version. If you were set up after this date, you’ll be using the newer version of Cloud Voice accessed via My Account.


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