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How do I get IT support for non-BT products? | BT Business

How do I get IT support for non-BT products?

If you have a problem with a router, modem or hub, or with software or hardware that was not supplied by us we can still support you.

Get Enhanced IT Support now

Using leading-edge technology, one of our computer experts can take control of your PC to fix your problem without needing to visit your business premises.

If we cannot fix your computer without visiting your premises, for an extra charge we'll send a computer expert straight to you door.

The benefits of Enhanced IT Support, at a glance:

  • Your company gets an exclusive IT support number: avoid the queues, get direct access to specialists.
  • You will save time: no job is too small. Get help with installation, configuration and software crashes.
  • We use secure PC remote access: our IT experts will access your PC to resolve problems while you wait. Carry on working or participate, you are in control at all times.
  • Get help with a broad range of problems: BT Broadband products and services, Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, printers, modems, LANs, software and hardware.
  • This service is available to all: you don't need to be an existing BT Business Broadband customer.
  • We cater for any size of company: we provide a cost-effective alternative or enhancement to in-house IT support.
  • Our service is flexible: great for users who frequently work away from the office.
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