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Web Protect

Your BT Business Broadband package comes with Web Protect. This warns you if you're about to visit a website that contains content that's harmful or malicious. One of the ways we're helping you to keep your business safe from viruses, scams, and phishing attacks.

When Web Protect is activated, any device you're using with your BT Business Broadband connection is protected online. It even works abroad when you use your BT username to log in to BT Wi-Fi.

Activate Web Protect in My Account.

Does Web Protect replace my BT Business Antivirus Protection?

No, it doesn’t replace your BT Business Antivirus Protection or any other Endpoint protection solution. This is because BT Web Protect works at the network level and other endpoint protection solutions work at device-level — use them together for the enhanced protection.

Do I need to set up Web Protect on all my devices?

No, you only need to turn it once at a network level. When it's been activated it's applied to any device which uses your BT Business Broadband connection or BT Wi-Fi that you access with your BT username.

If you're using a non-BT router you may need to change its settings.

Is my device protected when I'm outside?

You're protected by Web Protect if you're connected to any UK BT Wi-Fi hotspot with your BT username.

What if Web Protect tells me a site isn't safe, but I think it is?

Please email if you think Web Protect has made a mistake about a safe site and we'll investigate and let you know whether the site seems safe. We can't discuss individual decisions in detail though.

Why am I seeing a blank screen when I try to visit a website?

This happens if the URL of the site you're trying to visit starts with https. If this is the case, Web Protect stops you visiting the page and you see a blank page instead of a warning

If you see a blank page, we advise you stop trying to visit the site.

If you need any help with Web Protect you can chat with a Support Assistant

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