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BT’s Security Assurance and Compliance | BT Business

BT’s Security Assurance and Compliance

As a cybersecurity leader we want our technologies to give you protection worldwide. Our products are built to include the highest standards of security assurance throughout the product lifecycle. Our assurance practices are based on internationally recognised standards such as ISO, SOC, Hi Trust, and NIST.

SOC2 Assurance

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants established the Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE). Service Providers that achieve their Attestation (SOC2 Report) have undertaken a thorough examination of their security controls and have demonstrated compliance to the Trust Principles within the SSAE Standard.

At BT our Compliance Team works to make sure our products are aligned and certified against internationally recognized government and commercial standards to give our customers, and their stakeholders, the assurance they need. We're committed to ensuring that our customers and partners can meet the challenges of the ever-evolving global compliance landscape, and therefore have invested in independent assurance of our global product portfolio.

Our SOC2 report is available to current and prospective customers upon request, subject to the appropriate non-disclosure agreements. Please contact your account team.

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