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Help with the MyOffice closure | BT Business

Help with the MyOffice closure

MyOffice is closing at the end of February 2024. This is so we can focus on bringing you secure and more innovative products and technologies. As one of our older platforms, MyOffice can't be optimised or developed to provide the best and most secure services.

Don't wait for the closure, you can access your products and services now:

How do I know if I’m impacted by this closure?

If you’re impacted, when you log in to My Account, you’ll automatically be taken to a page where you can migrate your account.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the migration and all you need is your BT account number.

If you have any issues migrating, or get an unsuccessful notification, you can get help with the MyOffice closure here.

Btconnect emails

If you use MyOffice to access your btconnect email, you'll now need to go to or to access your emails.

If you’re not paying for any services with BT but still use your btconnect email, you’ll no longer be able to manage your mailboxes through MyOffice – you won’t be able to add or remove users or mailboxes either. However, you can access the mailboxes and send and receive emails as normal by simply logging in directly via Microsoft.

Forgotten your password or login details? For help retrieving your login details or resetting your password, go to the forgotten user name and password page.

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