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Why have I received an ICANN verification email? | BT Business

Why have I received an ICANN verification email?

ICANN is the regulatory body for domain registrations. Its Registrar Accreditation Agreement means that registrars must take reasonable steps to investigate and correct any inaccurate Whois data.

This can include contacting you to request verification of your identity and contact information.

For domains ending .com, .biz, .tv, .net, .org and hosted through BT Business, our registrar company ( are sending emails to the registrant contact email address for such domains and the owner of the email address has 45 days to click on the 'Confirm Email Address' button.

The emails are sent from and the subject field is 'Alert: Keep Your Domain Active'.

What does the ICANN verification email look like?
An example of the ICANN verification email is shown below:


What happens if the Confirm Email Address button isn't clicked on?
If not clicked on within the 45 days, the domain will be suspended pending verification which will result in any website content and/or email addresses for the domain to stop working.

What do I do if my domain is suspended by ICANN and I don’t have access to the domains registrant contact email address?
Contact BT’s Domain Name Services team via as soon as possible. The DNS team will be able to update the registrant contact email address on your request and send you a new verification email.

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