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What types of DNS records do you support?

What types of DNS records do you support?

Below is a list and short explanation.

  • A Record
  • CNAME Record
  • DomainKey Record
  • Frame or URL Record
  • MX Record
  • SRV Record
  • TXT Record

A Record**
Used to direct your domain or sub domain to an IP address. For example if your website is with us the 'www' and '@' (blank) records for your domain would be directed to the IP address of our web hosting server,

CNAME Record
Used in a similar manner to an A Record but directs to a URL instead.

DomainKey Record
Used for email verification. If you require one of these please contact us.

FRAME or URL Record
Both are used to redirect visitors to your domain to another site. For example if you've renamed your company you might want your site to be used with a new domain name but have any visitors to your old domain name forwarded onto your new domain name.

We'd strongly recommend using URL rather than FRAME. Whilst FRAME will mean the URL of your website won't change, it can have significant impact on your search engine rankings so should be used only if required.

MX Record
Used to direct your email and can either be a URL or IP address. Unlike other records you can have multiple MX records with different priorities for the same domain or sub-domain.

SRV Record
Used by some services (including Microsoft Office 365) to direct traffic to another location on a specific port. If you need to set one of these up please contact us.

TXT Record
Usually used to verify your domain or aspects of your domain. It's now commonly used to help prove you own a domain or as verification for your email.

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