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How do I create or modify a DNS record for my domain name? | BT Business

Create or modify a DNS record for your domain name

We've covered below how to do this. If you decide you want to modify a DNS record always keep a note of the original record. That way you can go back to the original record if something goes wrong.

Remember if you get stuck you can always contact us with details of the changes you need.

Getting to the right place

  1. Log into the BT Domains Centre
  2. Click on the Manage option next to domain name you want to change
  3. From the left hand side select Advanced Domain Manager
  4. You'll then see all the DNS records for you domain name

How are DNS records laid out?

If you're never setup a DNS record before it can look intimidating but it's actually fairly straightforward.

  • Type (Record Type)
    If you're not sure what this is see our guide on types of DNS record.
  • Key (Host Name)
    This is the bit you want, the prefix, before your domain name. The most common is of course 'www' but there are others. You'll notice we use 'business' for There are 2 main special ones. The first '@' is known as the blank record and is used for situations without any prefix, for example, The second is '*' and will take effect for any prefixes you haven't added. This can be very useful to direct someone to your site even if they mistype the prefix (e.g.
  • Value (Address)
    Most commonly this will be the address of your web server or email server.
  • Priority (MX Records only)
    Only relevant for MX records. It allows you to have backups in case your main email server goes down.
    If you're using our services you may see some DNS records are greyed out and can't be changed. If you need to change these please contact us.
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